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Stand Out From The Crowd With Christmas Flags and Banners

No sooner has the excitement of the Melbourne cup subsided when the festive season is upon Australia. The holidays are approaching and the busy Christmas trading season begins. Your store can attract attention and take part in the festive spirit by using a unique decorative style. Why not try something different and use Christmas flags and banners to show some individual flair.

This guide will give you a little more information about flags and banners and how you can use them to advantage in promoting your business.

A Few Flag and Banner Essentials

Outdoor flags and banners are a highly effective means of grabbing the attention of passing traffic, both motor and pedestrian. They provide a commanding display medium because their movement make them so much more effective in drawing notice than static signs.

You may visualise the flag in the traditional image of a brightly coloured rectangle of woven material, usually of national significance, fluttering from a wooden flagpole. However, with today's new technologies and materials, flags have evolved into a superb variety of shapes, materials and graphics. Teardrop and feather shapes, flexible lightweight fittings and a wide range of durable materials make them a great choice for promoting a business. Custom printed designs and graphics, together with your unique message, are a cost effective advertising media.

An outdoor flag or banner, being exposed to the elements, should be made of durable material. Knitted polyester is extremely strong and is the best choice for continual outdoor display. It will not fray or fade when open to the wind, rain and intense sunlight.

The range of flexible fittings and accessories make flags and banners easy to erect. With light-weight poles and bases, and simple snap together clamps, your messages can be up and flying almost instantly.

Suggestions for Your Christmas Flags and Banners

Advertise Your Holiday Specials

  • Draw in clients with a large store-front banner. Have a colourful Christmas theme together with your compelling special offer.

  • Attract plenty of notice if you have a street frontage with a series of pavement flags or banners. Each could display Christmas spirit and a particular sale item.

  • Complement your outdoor advertising and street presence with in-store banners, custom-designed to suit your décor.

If your business does not have access to a street and you are located in a mall, make optimal use of your store window to stand out from the crowd. Use Christmas banners that flutter in a slight breeze created with a cleverly concealed fan. Depending on the mall regulations you may be able to display a couple of flags at your store entrance.

Promote a Special Event

Use custom designed messages on your banners to promote your store opening hours. Extended Christmas trading hours and popular all night trading events are a terrific promotional tool.

The novelty of shopping in the small hours attracts crowds of people. After attending the many Christmas work functions and pre-Christmas parties, people will often visit the stores in celebratory holiday mood and tend to be in generous spirits when buying presents.

Budget Considerations

You can be assured that whatever message you want to deliver to your customers, using flags and banners is a sure-fire attention getter. Because the materials are durable, your investment can be used not only for the current season, but for many to come. They are light-weight and compact, making them easy to store away until that time of year approaches once again.

Now that you have a little more know-how about flags and banners, you can go ahead and create some extra attention for your business this festive season. You'll be amazed at the increased awareness and traffic to your store.