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Minimising Safety Hazards During Small DIY Concrete Core Drilling Operations

Even though the manufacturers of core drilling equipment have and continue to add new safety features to their products, the risk of workplace accidents and injuries occurring during core drilling operations is always present. When using a core drill to cut through or make holes in concrete, safety management should always be at the top of your mind. Here are some tips you should follow if you want to stay safe during your small DIY concrete drilling job.

Worksite safety

The first thing you should do before embarking on any drilling work is to inspect the worksite for potential safety hazards. If you are going to drill through a concrete slab floor, you will need to be wary of any underground power cables and water supply pipes, which may cause electrical accidents as work is ongoing, for example. Inform your local power distributor and water supplier about your project so they can help you identify and avoid potential danger zones.

Operator safety

Always keep in mind that you stand to be the biggest casualty in the unfortunate event that a mishap happens onsite. Therefore, make sure to always protect yourself properly before picking up any work tools or equipment. Put on ear muffs or plugs to protect your ears from the noise that will be generated, well-fitting full-length clothing to cover your skin so it is not cut or bruised by flying debris, safety googles to protect your eyes from concrete dust and any other airborne particles, tough leather gloves to prevent blisters on your hands, work boots to protect your feet as you step on rubble, and a helmet protect your head against falling or flying objects.

Machine safety

Every piece of core drilling machinery usually comes with a user's manual containing instructions on safe use of the equipment. However, some DIYers are usually quick to start operating the equipment before they are well-versed with how it works, let alone how to use it safely. For example, machine operators are generally cautioned against reaching across drill bit, as this exposes them to the risk of being cut. This is an important equipment safety tip that may be overlooked by many ignorant DIY core drillers.

Aside from ensuring proper use of the equipment, users should make sure to inspect the equipment before and after use. This will help identify missing, worn out, or misaligned parts, which may lead in equipment failure. The inspection can also present an opportunity to check if the equipment is properly lubricated.