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Refrigeration: Different Systems You Could Install In Your Cold Room

Cold room storage is essential for an assortment of industries whether it is to preserve perishables, medicines and more. These rooms are also ideal if your business requires specific temperatures to carry out different processes. However, not all cold rooms are built the same. There are different types of systems that you could choose to install depending on what your business' requirements are. Below are a few of the different systems you could choose for your cold room storage.

Top mount systems

This type of system is installed in medium sized cold rooms, typically found either in restaurants or at a convenient store. Their design functions to allow the maximising of space inside the walk-in cold room. Top mount systems are also optimised to ensure that they maintain low temperatures for a significantly long time. Top mount systems are advantageous as they provide you will an all in one refrigeration solution. The cold air that is released is discharged vertically, hence ensuring the entire space maintains an even temperature. In addition, the condenser and the evaporator are typically combined, which also maximises on space.

Penthouse systems

If you have a small cold room, then this would be an ideal refrigeration system to consider. The system is installed at the top of the cold room, hence leaving you with adequate storage or walk in space at the bottom. The components that make up the penthouse system such as the fan and cooling evaporators will be placed in the roofing. Moreover, the system will also have a condensate evaporator, which functions to ensure there is not water damage that occurs to the equipment due to condensation. It should be noted that penthouse systems are one of the pricier systems that you could invest in. Nevertheless, this initial outlay is recouped by the long-term efficiency that the system provides you with. One of the main benefits of these systems is that they provide you with additional room for you to install accessories such as storage racks to maximise the space that is available in your small cold room.

Saddle mount systems

This type of refrigeration system is mounted directly on the wall. As such, they are better suited for individuals who are constructing their industrial premises, as the saddle mount system would have to be hung first before the ceiling can be put into place. A major benefit of saddle mount systems is that all its components are contained within its bracket, thus the system will not take up any additional space in your cold room.