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3 Reasons to Fit Raised Buttons With Your Stainless Steel Handrail

Stainless steel handrails come with plenty of fantastic benefits that make them perfect for use across many different settings. However, you can also customize your handrail with several further parts; one of the least obvious but most beneficial is the simple raised handrail button.

These are placed along the surface of a handrail, usually at the bottom, and they serve a number of purposes. Here are just three reasons why you should consider fitting them.

1. Helps the Visually-Impaired

Handrail buttons are also referred to as 'tactile indicators'. This is because their primary purpose is to act as an alert for people who are visually-impaired. As you run your hand down the handrail, your palm will eventually run over the raised button. If you happen to be visually-impaired, this raised indicator will let you know that the handrail is about to end and that there is about to be a change in the level of the floor.

If you are fitting your handrail down a flight of stairs, particularly in a building that is quite busy, it only makes sense to fit some handrail buttons to ensure that visually-impaired people can use your stairs without risking injury.

2. Prevents Improper Use

Though handrail buttons are used mainly as a tactile aide for the visually-impaired, they also carry another great advantage: they prevent people from misusing the handrail.

One of the major problems that comes along with fitting a handrail is people misusing it. They may be tempted to slide down it, but an even more aggravating problem is when the rail is used by skaters to perform tricks. This will obviously be a more pressing problem if your handrail is fitted outside; as well as presenting hazards to passers-by, such use can wear away any paint and cause scuff marks along the metal. With raised buttons fitted at either end, it will be much harder for people to misuse the handrail in this manner.

3. Fits Unobtrusively with the Handrail

Ultimately, there's just no real reason not to fit handrail buttons. Since they themselves will be made from stainless steel, they won't stand out when fitted with a stainless steel handrail. Instead, they will simply appear to be a natural part of the overall design. It's great when you can fit something that helps people and protects your property without marring the appearance of your property, and handrail buttons are perfect in that regard.