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Your Know-It-All Guide to Column Forming Tubes Used in Construction

How would you feel if someone walked up to you and told you that they can help you cut down the cost of your building project? Well, that's exactly the case for a service provider offering you column forming tubes. These tubes will bring a new dimension to your project by changing the way you build pillars. They come in different shapes such as round, rectangle and square to accommodate your aesthetic and functional needs. If you have no idea of what column forming tubes are, here is a discussion that will give you lots of insight:

Formatubes Promote a More Productive Workforce

Column forming tubes, also referred to as formatubes, enhance safety and productivity in the workplace. In most cases, workers are forced to improvise and use wooden or metallic panels to hold fresh concrete in place when setting up pillars. Your workers commit many men and lots of time setting up the support structure for the concrete columns before they can start to build. In the end, this translates into more working hours and higher labour costs for you.

The good thing is that formatubes eliminate all these logistical challenges for a faster, more productive workforce. All your workers have to do is to shove the tubes down and around the structural steel, then they can pour in the concrete and wait for it to cure. 

Formatubes Promote Safety

New formatube designs allow workers to cut them off from the concrete pillars after the curing process. This can be done using a knife or other cutting mechanism. Initially, workers had to climb up to the top part of the pillar and strip the formatubes down to the bottom. However, the new formatube design reduces workplace risk by eliminating the need to work on elevated ground. Additionally, formatubes made from materials like cardboard do not need hazardous electric grinders to remove them from the column.

Formatubes have Good Physical Properties

For something meant to hold up a large mass of concrete, you need a material that can stand up to the challenges of a construction site. Spiral formatubes have a flexible wall structure that stands up well to high impact in the site. In case of deformation during transport or installation, the formatube springs back into shape to ensure that the final shape of the column is as precise as you desire.

For more information about the benefits of using formatubes on your construction site, talk to a contractor in your area.