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How Do You Clean a Metal Crate Used for Carrying Agricultural Produce?

Handling fresh agricultural produce isn't as easy as it sounds. Packaging the products right is the difference between significant profits and losses considering that fresh produce can go bad quite easily. This is why you should invest in metal crates to address all your packaging needs. First, metal crates are durable because they are strong and resistant to decay. Metal is also non-collapsible, unlike some forms of plastic. It is, therefore, ideal for handling all the extreme conditions on the farm. After using the crate, you need to clean it so that it is ready for packaging the similar or alternative products in future. Here are the cleaning tips you need to know for your metal crates:

1. Hose Down the Crate

After carrying fresh produce in the crate, you'll have lots of dirt left behind. Dead leaves, soil, peelings and other twigs remain in the crate, and it's only a matter of time before they start to rot.  Use a garden hose to run down a jet of water on all sections of the crate to remove debris and other forms of dirt.

2. Scrub the Metal Crate

After removing the overlying debris and dirt, you need to scrub the crate for you to achieve the ultimate sparkle that you desire. You will need ordinary bar soap or a gentle detergent and warm water. Splash the soapy mixture all over the crate and scrub the metal surface using a soft sponge. While doing this, take note of any areas with spots of rust and chipped galvanic coating. If any, use a stiff brush or steel wool to remove the rust. After this, rinse the crate thoroughly with clean water.

3. Disinfect the Cage

Fungus and mould can grow in the crate if you take too long to clean it after use. Dry leaves, roots, fruits and shoots left behind in the crate can rot, develop mould and fungus and spread that infection to your next line of produce. Sometimes, even a thorough clean using soap and water isn't enough to get rid of these hazardous monsters. You need food-safe disinfectants to get rid of the mould and fungus. Check into a nearby agrochemicals shop and use it to disinfect the crate.

4. Eliminate Odour

If there is a problem with smelly, rotten produce after carrying them in the crate, you can use water and vinegar to get rid of the smell. Mix equal quantities of vinegar and water and use it when scrubbing the metal crate.