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3 Types of Abrasive Blasting for Rust Removal

Owning a storage shed helps with overcrowding in your home and with storing items for the holidays. What you may not realise is how much rust can accumulate on metal storage buildings over time. If you are experiencing an issue with rust and need a removal method that won't damage the shed, consider abrasive blasting. Here are three types of abrasive blasting that can help you with rust removal projects.


Sandblasting is the most common form of abrasive blasting. This type of blasting uses small particles to remove rust and other debris from an object's surface. The small particles, usually sand, are blasted at various speeds towards the work surface. This technique is done using an air compressor device. The benefit of sandblasting is the smooth finish the technique tends to leave behind. This is ideal if you will be refinishing and sealing the storage shed after the rust removal.


Hydroblasting is a slightly different form of abrasive blasting. This is because no real abrasive is used. Water is used as the abrasive instead of a material like sand. The benefit to this type of abrasive blasting is the ability to do this by yourself with equipment like power washers. If the rust issue you are dealing with on your storage shed is mild, then hydroblasting may be the way to go. It can remove minor amounts of rust, dirt, dust and other debris to leave you with a clean surface to refinish and seal.

Bristle Blasting

Bristle blasting does not use an air compressor or streams of high pressured water. This method uses a high powered set of bristle brushes. This may be the ideal option if you have large amounts of surface rust that have not caused damage to the storage shed yet. You can use the bristles to remove the rust easily and quickly. Keep in mind, if you use this method, you will be working close to the storage shed surface and will need protective gear to avoid inhaling the rust and debris being removed.

If you are ready to move forward with an abrasive blasting method to remove rust from your outdoor storage shed, contact a local blasting company. Such a company can help you with your project and rid your shed of rust and ready to prime and seal. They can also help answer questions about pricing and other related questions to the project.