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Why a jackhammer trolley is the right choice for your job

If you have ever struggled to remove vinyl, floor tiles or cork from a concrete or wooden surface, then you will know that using a jackhammer is essential to complete the process in a timely manner. If you try to successfully remove floor tiles without a jackhammer, you could be left struggling for weeks to create a surface that is suitable to be reworked, and few people can afford to spend that amount of time on the job. Jackhammers have proved themselves to be indispensable, but they are not without their own problems, as anyone who has had to use one for a while will quickly testify. Keep reading to learn how a jackhammer trolley can help.

Problems with jackhammers

While jackhammers are great for getting hard jobs done quickly, they are not the easiest tool to use. Jackhammers tend to be very heavy, and a prolonged period of bending and fighting to control a jackhammer will soon tire even the strongest of your workers. Since the effectiveness of a jackhammer is determined by the amount of force that is applied to the hammer, a tiring worker is also a less effective worker, and therefore the longer the job takes, the more slowly work progresses.

What's the solution?

The most significant problem faced by those who need to use a jackhammer is the weight of the hammer. The easiest way to alleviate this difficulty is by using a jackhammer trolley. A jackhammer trolley will take the majority of the weight of the jackhammer while the operator simply stands behind the trolley and moves it to the desired position. Using a jackhammer trolley is an easy way to reduce fatigue and more serious problems, such as back strain.

How can a jackhammer trolley be used?

Most jackhammer trolleys will allow you to adjust the angle at which you want the hammer to operate, meaning that a jackhammer trolley is suitable for almost any job where you might want to use a jackhammer. The built-in shock absorbers on the trolley significantly dampen the vibration coming from the jackhammer and make operation of the tool more tolerable for the operator.

Perhaps the most significant benefit offered by a jackhammer trolley is that it enables the job to be completed rapidly. With a jackhammer trolley, the physical effort involved is significantly less, and therefore, the jackhammer can be moved across the surface faster. Whether you need to remove residue from tile beds, break concrete blocks, or remove a layer of vinyl, a jackhammer trolley is the easiest way to get the job done without fatiguing your staff or wasting valuable time.