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Properties of Stainless Steel Water Tanks That Make Them a Green Solution

As long as your industrial business is reliant on high volumes of water for its daily operations, you must invest in the proper water storage solutions. For many business owners, this solution comes in the form of water tanks. But purchasing an above-ground storage tank is not based exclusively on cost. Instead, several factors come into play, such as scouting for the best location for the tank, determining an appropriate size for your industrial needs and so on. And one factor that should not be taken for granted is the material that you choose for your water tank.

While concrete and polyethylene tanks have been the standard for years past, stainless steel tanks are steadily garnering popularity, and this can be attributed to their ecologically friendly characteristics. To help you make an informed decision, check out the following properties of stainless steel water tanks that make them a green solution for your industrial business.

Excellent endurance

Indubitably, the first characteristic of stainless steel water tanks that puts them ahead of the completion is the excellent endurance that they offer. To begin with, this material is inherently resistant to corrosion without having to invest in external and internal coatings to protect the tank against rust! Hence, you will not have to worry about recurring repairs and eventual replacement stemming from oxidation.

Secondly, stainless steel is not only unaltered by direct exposure to ultraviolet rays, but it is fire-resistant, too. Both these qualities prove invaluable in Australia when you take into consideration the scorching heat of the summer and the risk of bush fires in your area. Lastly, if provided with the correct upkeep, stainless steel tanks can last up to a century. All these characteristics translate into a reduced threat of these tanks ending up in landfills due to premature inefficiencies.

Highly recyclable

The second characteristic of stainless steel water tanks that make them a green solution for any industrial business is the high recyclability that they offer. The first thing you should know that stainless steel is an alloy that comprises a percentage of chromium and nickel. Both these metals are valuable, and this incentivises stainless steel recycling. Hence, there is a decreased threat of these water tanks becoming waste at the end of their lifecycle.

In addition to this, most stainless steel tanks have been manufactured from recycled metal supplies! Thus, when you invest in this water tank, your industrial business is inadvertently contributing to a decrease in the demand for the manufacture of raw materials, which would contribute to environmental pollution.