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Why Should You Choose PVC Doors for Your Commercial Facility?

When you need to replace the doors at your commercial or industrial facility, you may be thinking about a straight replacement and buying brand-new wooden doors in place of the others. Yet while this may appear to be a logical thing to do, it may be beneficial for you to consider doors made from a completely different material. So what are the advantages of choosing PVC instead?

How the Doors Are Made

PVC doors are made from a sturdy steel frame that is covered in "unplasticised polyvinyl chloride". Even though the door may have a plastic-like appearance, it will be very strong and will have good insulating properties. You may find this advantageous as you seek to reduce your energy bills and the size of your corporate carbon footprint. If you replace all the doors in your facility with PVC, you're likely to be far more energy-efficient than you were before.

Environmentally Friendly and Ready to Fit

Most PVC doors tend to be made from recycled materials, which is another benefit if you want to be as environmentally friendly as possible. And you won't need to worry about painting them either, as you can buy them already finished. You will also have a selection of different finishes, which means that you can match your doors to any branding scheme you may have in place.

Good Security

Security will be of the utmost importance in any commercial facility, and certainly when it comes to any doors. The good news is that PVC doors are very secure thanks to the insulated metal frame at the core and the tight-fitting seals around the perimeter.

Lower Maintenance and Cost

When you install this type of door, you will get something that is very low maintenance but has a great, modern design. Also, this type of door tends to be much less expensive than wooden alternatives, so your overall replacement bill should be much lower.

Better Than Wood

Remember, traditional wooden doors may require a lot of maintenance and will certainly need to be painted every few years. There is also a danger that they may warp (unless they are made from engineered wood). In this case, you'll be back at square one and need to seek a replacement.

Get More Information

If you have any more questions about PVC doors, get in touch with a product supplier. They will explain your options and outline any warranties before providing you with a quote and arranging for delivery.