Ian's Guide to Industrial Manufacturing

4 Reasons Industrial Machinery Should be Professionally Aligned

When you take advantage of professional industrial machinery installation services, your machines will be properly aligned as well as fitted into your property. This might not seem like a necessary step, but even slightly misaligned industrial machinery can cause major problems, which is just one reason professional industrial machinery installation is so important.

With that in mind, here are just four reasons your industrial machinery should be properly aligned.

1. Protects Key Parts

Industrial machines tend to be extremely powerful and produce a lot of movement, so they must be designed to cope with that stress. However, a machine that isn't properly aligned is not going to work effectively. This means added stress will be placed on key parts. When those parts develop faults, they will need to be re-machined or replaced, which can result in significant downtime and unexpected costs. By keeping your industrial machinery properly aligned, you'll help ensure that all parts last as long as possible.

2. Reduces Energy Consumption

Given the amount of energy used by most industrial machines, it only makes sense to ensure they are run as efficiently as possible. Unfortunately, machines that are not correctly aligned will require more energy. Over time, this can significantly impact your energy consumption. As well as affecting how much you spend on energy, this will increase your facility's environmental impact. Since more energy will also be required to manufacture and ship any replacement parts, misaligned machinery can end up being very bad for the planet.

3. Improved Working Environment

Most industrial machinery will create noise and vibrations while being operated. If those machines are not properly aligned, vibrations and noise can become even worse, and that can impact the safety and general well-being of your workers. Misaligned machines are also more likely to develop leaks due to the additional wear on seals and gaskets, and such leaks can also create an unsafe or unpleasant working environment.

4. Prevent Wider Damage

Misaligned industrial machinery can cause damage to surrounding machines and the property itself. When more intense vibrations are created by misaligned machinery, everything from the flooring beneath your machines to nearby equipment can be damaged over time. The same can be true when leaks develop or when improperly aligned machines start to overheat. Such secondary damage can sometimes be more serious than damage sustained by the machine itself, so it makes sense to align your machines and avoid such problems.

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